Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bonda masih terlantar sakit

Semalam selepas solat Jumaat saya telah pulang ke Tapah untuk menziarahi bonda tercinta yang masih terlantar sakit. Kali terakhir saya menziarahi beliau ialah pada hari raya kedua yang lalu. Bonda sekarang dijaga oleh kakak saya di rumahnya dan masih berbaring dan tidak boleh berjalan dalam usianya kini sudah 82 tahun.

Petang semalam juga saya telah membuat temujanji dengan Dr (H) Omar Mokhtar Abdullah merupakan doktor pakar dalam bidang perubatan Homeopati yang dulu pernah merawat bonda saya ketika menetap di Jalan Pahang Tapah. Dr. Mokhtar dan isteri telah lama saya kenali kerana beliau berkawan rapat dengan suami sejak kami menetap di Kuala Lumpur tahun 1980-an lagi.

Dr. Mokhtar dan isteri telah berkunjung ke kediaman Ipoh sebelum solat Jumaat dan saya mahu menziarahi bonda di Tapah dan sebelah petangnya kebetulan Dr. Mokhtar berada di Kampar. Terus saya minta bantuan beliau untuk melihat keadaan bonda di Tapah. Alhamdulillah, dengan ilmu yang beliau ada dan kita berusaha, semoga Allah meringankan beban sakit bonda saya.

Saya berada di Tapah sehingga jam 10.00 malam sebelum bertolak pulang ke Ipoh ditemani anak sulung & menantu serta dua puteri bongsu saya


Jacques said...

Dear DS Fatimah,

My heart really sunk when l saw the photo of your mum. The last time l saw Wan Nyah was possibly 1982. She was incredibly healthy at the time. Wan Nyah likes to chew sireh and Opah introduced the small metal gadjet where she could put the sireh, kapor, some gambir and the betel nut to crash and mix them up together.

We will all pray for your mum and l hope that you will have patience going through this difficult times. Please take care of yourself. You are doing an incredibly good job, feet firmly on the ground and that is what the rakyat likes to see the First Lady of Perak doing, mixing and mingling with the rakyat. I saw you eating in the warong last week and this really touched the rakyat’s heart. Something that never happened before. You are still very humble and down to earth. I am sure the rakyat are very proud of you. I sure am.



Dear Jacques/Hassan

May this mailblog finds you in the best of health. Thanks so much for your immediate respond.

I must apologize for my delays in responding to you. However as today is a public holiday (deepavali) and dato’ sri mb is still in Lahore, Pakistan, I manage to pen down certain words. Yes I appreciate your prayers and doa for my beloved mum or wan nyah to you. She is now completely bed ridden and well taken care by sister Raudhah. Further her husband, Azmi is retired and jointly assisting her to manage mum.

As you know towards year end there shall be several parts of Perak having heavy downfall and torrential rain resulting in many districts flooding. So I had to also assist hubby to visit those affected parts to show our concern and sympathy. It is expected that continuous rain shall take place till end nov 08. Lets hope it doesn’t get worst.

Coming back to family matters, the whole family is now slowly disintegrated because every (younger generations, cucu cicit) are carrying their own ways. The older generations are slowly phasing out. The environment in the village (baroh) is completely quiet and few traditional houses had already gone. Soon some new modern houses shall be constructed in that area.

All our historic friends and cousin brothers and sisters are now ageing like myself and busy with our daily chores. Gone are those sentimental days when we used to joke and played together (galah panjang) as kids in the house compound. The “Pyar ka mausam, evening in paris, night in Tokyo, yado ke baraat syndrome are things of the past. As you know already my beloved sister kak lah (zamrah), muhaiyah (kak bayah) had left me much earlier in their youthful ages. Zamrah passed away on her wedding day, Muhaiyah died of blood cancer, leaving 5 small female kids. Her husband abang rahim is now ageing and all her 5 female kid are now grown up in their final college and universities. These tragedy I had to accept but mum (wan nyah) really had a shocked of her life and up to now she is still suffering (terbawak- bawak) with this tragedy. Let alone the severe illness that brother yusop (chop Hawaii) is now suffering in KL in his 68 years of age.

Sometimes when I turned back through our past glorious days with all those uncles aunties, brothers and sisters at that wonderful time, I just began to smile with tears. It can never be reacted but only be remembered. I use to share those wonderful memorable moments of our earlier lives in one really big family, with my beloved hubby dato’ seri and my children. He also sometimes chipped in because he could also vaguely remember and share those amused moments, though I didn’t know him at that time except her mum (wan edah, of air hitam labu, probably you can still recall her togetherness with the late aziah (yg sengor tu), wah munah, yong ba, anak2 opah chik like jambak, abng nor, naiee, nassir, anak wan bee di air hitam labu like che ewa (already passed away). He turned out to be the most wonderful beloved husband.I praise and thank Allah the almighty for this arrangement.

Please pray for us too. The embryonic Pakatan Rakyat government of Perak is constantly under attack by UMNO. For the last 8 months almost, he has never had the slightest moments of relieve except bombardment by the ex–govt. Sometimes it puzzled me he could withstand those pressures.

I also talked and relayed those memorable stories to all my kids (5 boys and 3 girls) who are now in their growing up ages. My eldest , girl got married 4 months ago age 24. my second boy, a hafeez, is now pursuing his syariah degree in Jordan univ. My 3rd boy, a hafeez too is now studying at south Lebanon univ. The rest are with me in the primary and secondary schools.

Yob man (anak wah/dollah) visited me during hari raya mb’s open house with wife and 5 kids. Uddin got married with a second wife thus leaving the first one with 3 kids. Zaharah, gayah , ree etc are all on their own respected ways outside Tapah. Only myself, sis Raudhah and Gee still around and manage to nurse mum on and off. Now with mbs.’very tight schedule, I must be by his sight all the time, always, constantly, persistently and admierably.

I guess that’s so much already for the meantime. Till then all the best and take care . kindly pray for my my mums’ safety back home in Tapah. Allah guides you.

Finally please tell me more about your family life, wife , kids, what you do in the UK etc. Be glad to mention them to all our old family friends whenever I meet up with them.

Fatimah Taat

Jacques said...

Dear DS Fatimah,

When l got back from work late yesterday evening, my wife told me that l have a comment in your blog which you wrote as a response to my earlier comment . l am not aware of that at all although l visit your blog regularly but l missed out on all the previous pages so my apology for the late reply.

I read your comment with some sense of sadness and l can almost feel what is written deep inside your heart. There are some sad episodes in everybody’s life, we are human after-all. We proposed, Allah disposes. But you must also take pride in what you have achieved, what have become of you and what our younger generations have achieved so far. They are our future and it is important that we instil and teach them good values and ensure that their surroundings, the environment, educations etc is conducive for them to grow up to be responsible citizens. This is where politics can play a part and l am sure your husband DS Nizar with the knowledge and his religious background will see that the Pakatan Rakyat government will do everything in it’s power to stir our youngsters away from evil and bad influences.

Barisan Nasional as you rightly pointed out will always find ways to attack Pakatan Rakyat. Their motive will always be trying to re-gain power in Perak and they will do this at every opportunity. It is therefore imperative that we will not fall into the trap by repeating mistakes commited by BN in the past. There have been some uncomfortable moments recently in which Pakatan Rakyat administration has been severely criticised due to mistakes made by some excos, and BN came-up in arms to crucify us. But our MB DS Nizar handled the issue well, and the person was removed. I am confident that DS Nizar is more than able to repel attacks from his opponent given the experience he has, his maturity, knowledge, confident, language and debating skills, his compassion,calmness and his intellectualism. But being a Leader is always difficult as he undoubtedly cannot satisfy everybody on everything. There will always be someone who will not be happy on something. But the rakyat, l am sure will support DS Nizar all the way. He is a very capable leader, a pious person and certainly a good man. The best that Perak ever has.

What you have mentioned briefly regarding the old memories and nostalgia in Kampong Datok, Jalan Pahang is something that l will always cherish. The village has become quiet as most of the families have emigrated apart from yop – Opah Cik’s son SIL and also Mak Cik Gobak ( Tok Cu’s daughter ) in the baroh. I was told Zain is now occupying the house where We ( Mak We ) used to live. The village has really lost it’s ‘life’ and the last time when l was there, the atap houses were mostly de-relict and abandoned. I cant find Ah Ooi’s house either. But as we move into modernisation and urbanisation takes hold it is little suprise that those houses and our village will get replaced with housing schemes. Soon, the map of Kampong Datok will change and we all will not be able to find the place of our birth. It’s quite sad but it’s something that we all have to accept as we progress.

I know about your sisters Zamrah ( l was stil in Malaysia at the time ) and also about Kak Mayah. It’s quite sad that all these events have affected Mak Nyah’s health. That shows that she loves her children very very much. If you can still remember, l used to have a kick a ball around the compund and damaged some of her cactus and flowers, she did not mind and would not say anything. That shows the person she is, she is just a kind person who will not say anything to offend another. I will always pray for Mak Nyah, hopefully the situation will become better and more tolerable for her.

Yes, l remember Aziah, Che Wa (Khairuddin's sister, never knew that they have passed away, my prayers for them). Other names came into mind like Jo ? and his brothers and sister ( they used to live with We ) and many many more. I know Mak Cik Edah. She never missed to visit Opah each time she came to see Mak Cik Munah. I wish everybody well and good health.

Regarding the persistent flooding, l am sure that the Department of Irrigation will do something to prevent this from re-curring again and again. The hydrogeologists need to identify water catchment area and identify areas which are prone to flooding and find ways how water can be directed to the river and seas. Obviously when it rained heavily, there will be run-off water and accummulation of water on the ground. If the water cannot find a route to escape it will developed into flood. They also need to look at the river system and their capabilities to hold huge volume of water when there is massive and sudden insurge of water into the system as a result of constant raining. In the UK, there is also flooding problem but not as severe as they have underground drainage system as means to alleviate flood. Better weather forecast techniques – a projection of a week and beyond need to be put in operation and the media ( TV’s and radios ) need also play their part to warn citizens of severe and inclement weather condition.

As for myself, I left Malaysia to the UK for more than quarter of a Century now. There are good and bad times. It was difficult at the beginning but both my wife and I are settled and quite comfortable now. My wife is a Serawakian and much much younger than me. I am still in employment while my wife has decided to become the ‘Minister of Finance and Housing Affairs’ at home fulltime. Alhamdullillah, we are happy as can be. We have bought a house in Kajang and this is still under construction, due to be ready by April 2009 insyaAllah.

I will write about the rest, family matters etc through your e-mail because these are private matters. Please send my warmest regards to everybody there.